Marshfield Area United Way






  • Recognize positive change by sending a thank-you letter to a person or group that helped your community grow stronger.

  • Read to children in your family, at your library or with a local non-profit.

  • Purchase school supplies in the Backpack Drive for children who need them.

  • Enroll your child in a summer reading program at the local library and get some books for yourself.

  • Donate your newspaper subscription to a local school when you go on vacation.

  • Volunteer at a local mentoring program: spend time with elementary students, tutor at a homework club or let a high school student shadow you.

  • Support local culture by visiting arts and learning facilities you may not have visited before.

  • Bring a child in your life to a bank to have a tour and open up a savings account.

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle.  Think about the environmental impact of the choices you make.

  • Donate new or gently used professional clothing to an organization assisting individuals in seeking employment.

  • Contact your local representative about and issue affecting working people in your community.

  • Talk with senior citizens in your life about how to detect and prevent fraud.

  • Incorporate healthy food choices in your meal planning and snacks. Talk with your children about eating healthy and exercising.

  • Start a walking group for friends, families, neighbors and/or community members that meets regularly at a set time and location.  Soon the group will exist even if you can’t make it!

  • Beautify your world by picking up trash and debris you see on the street - make your community a brighter, safer place!

  • Buy pedometers for your friends and have a fun competition for who can walk the most steps.

  • Purchase personal care items such as deodorant, toothbrushes and soap and drop them off at local food pantries.

  • Dream big for yourself and your community and share your ideas for a more vital caring community.

  • Donate fresh produce from your garden to local food pantries.