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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my contribution to United Way important?
United Way is an effective way to help the entire community with one contribution.  Every contribution, regardless of the amount makes a great impact. United Way is the most effective way to direct your contributions to caring, well-run community programs that are held accountable for getting results in the most efficient manner.  

How does United Way help me and my family?
Everyone benefits from living and working in a healthier community.  United Way helps 1 of 4 residents in the Marshfield Area by funding programs helping families, seniors and youth.

Who makes funding decisions?
Each year, more than 100 volunteers work with our staff to carefully review the management and effectiveness of the programs we fund and use this information to determine future funding levels.  

Will my hometown benefit?
People from Arpin, Auburndale, Granton, Loyal, Marshfield, Neillsville, Pittsville, Spencer,
Stratford or anywhere in between, are utilizing United Way Partner Programs. You can designate your contribution to other communities through our Pledge form. 

How much of my contribution goes to people who really need help?
We take the business of managing your contribution very seriously.  We are a volunteer led organization that keeps costs to a minimum ensuring that nearly all of your contribution goes  directly to community programs. 

Do you support Planned Parenthood:
Every year this question arises.  Marshfield Area United Way has never support Planned Parenthood, they have never sough funding from United Way.  There are very few United Way's in the country that do.

I don't like a certain Partner Program. 
You may designate your pledge to an Impact area or program (see pledge card).  Please do not penalize your community by not giving because of your personal feelings for one program.

What if I already give to other organizations?
There are many organizations that we individually support: our alma maters, churches, children's schools, environmental organizations and more.  We respect those commitments and still ask you consider giving to support those in need in your community

My spouse gives.
Remember you can combine your gift and become a Marsh Society member (Leadership Giver) for a total donation of $500 or more.

What if I can’t afford to give?
As cost of living rises, so do needs in our community.  Even if you donate $1 a week through payroll deduction, you are helping your friends and neighbors.

Why not just give directly to a Partner Program?
No single program can meet all the needs in a community.
It takes a wide variety of organizations, working together to successfully address complex needs.  When you give to United Way, you can support programs that help Community & Basic Needs, Families & Seniors and Youth Initiatives—rather than only a single cause

Why doesn’t my favorite program receive funding?
Any eligible organization addressing community needs may apply for funding.  Funding is granted based on program results and community identified priority needs. So, not every program that applies will be approved. It may duplicate services or not address community needs.  Many eligible programs choose not to apply.  Some are prohibited by national affiliates, while others choose to fundraise without United Way’s help. 

How can I get more information?
Call our office at 384-9992, e-mail or visit our website at  

For community information & referral: Dial 2-1-1 or visit