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Mission, Vision & History

Marshfield Area United Way's mission is to increase our community's capacity to care for one another. 

We will do that by acting as a leading organization bringing our community together to prioritize and address human service needs by building partnerships, forging consensus and leveraging resources to achieve a measurable, sustained, positive outcome.

Marshfield Area United Way Highlights

1946     Founded as a Community Chest, community raised $15,161
1970    Changed name to the Marshfield Area United Fund, community raised $45,489
1972    Transitioned to a United Way
1986    JC Pfeiffer hired as the first paid Executive Director
1987    First office was rented at Central Plaza
1989    Mission Statement was adopted
           Ann Boson hired as first full-time Executive Director
1991    First Call begins as a collection of community information phone numbers in United
           Way office
           Michelle Boernke hired as the first paid Communications Director
1994    Pacesetter campaign established
1995    Marshfield Clinic first company to give more than $100,000
1996    United Way's 50th year of service, community raised $531,473
           First leadership giving campaign and The Marsh Society is developed to recognize
           individual gifts of $500 or more
1997    Marshfield Area Volunteer of the Year Awards Celebration held, a partnership with
           Marshfield News-Herald
1998    Restaurant Week established, where local eateries donate a portion of proceeds to
           United Way
2002    First Call for Information becomes county-wide program
           Mary Friesen hired as first Volunteer Center Coordinator
           Make a Difference Day held in Marshfield for first time
           Transition to “Impact Funding” begins: Allocation Committee becomes Community
           Impact Committee funding decided based on a focus on program results
           Initiated Vision Councils—for community human service programs network and problem
           solve together throughout the year
2005     First Call for Information evolves into United Way’s 2-1-1—one toll free number,
            operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
2006     60th Anniversary: Drive Chairs Bill & Darlene Berry lead campaign that raises
            Make a Difference Day has 348 volunteers and 69 people served
            National Youth Service Day has 120 volunteers
2007     Marshfield Clinic first campaign to raise more than $300,000
2008     First year with no public goal, instead community focuses on people in need in the
            Marshfield area, a message made more poignant as the country fell into a
2009     Marshfield Area United Way launches first Dare to Dream House Raffle
            FamilyWize prescription discount cards made available: a free option to allow residents
            to save on prescription medication.
            Loyal Contributors, donors who have given to any United Way for 10 years or longer,
            tracking begins
            First Day of Action held
            Money Smart week launched
2010    moved to new location at 156 S Central Avenue
           video added to website
           Partnered with City for free tax preparation
           Record number of backpacks collected (over 500)
           Over $100,000 in prescription drug savings with Family Wize

2011    Ashley Winch hired as Campaign/Marketing Coordinator, 2-1-1 coordinator
           Marshfield Clinic issues $25,000 challenge
           Backpack extended to include Loyal, Neillsville, Granton & Greenwood area
           Keep Warm project launched with Mfld. Community Foundation
2012    Schwan Truckload Sale for United Way
           Ready to Read launched
           House raffle expanded to include a car (2013 Mustang from V&H Auto)
           Give Back Marshfield launched as Volunteer Day with Leadership Mfld. group
           First Wipe-Out challenge


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