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  • Time To Make A Difference
    Late. Not a word that typically makes anyone happy. Bosses don’t appreciate employees being late for work. Expecting mothers aren’t usually too excited about their newborn child deciding to arrive late. And we all know how companies feel when you don’t pay a bill on time. But late, in this circumstance, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. (12/05/13)
  • Grant Funds Available For Jackson County
    Marshfield Area United Way is currently accepting grant applications from Jackson County. Three-thousand dollars in grant funds are available for distribution. The deadline for submitting grant proposals is Tuesday, December 31, 2013. (11/25/13)
  • Nutrition On Weekends Program
    Eighth, Tenth, and Twelfth grade students from the Marshfield Public and Columbus Catholic Schools are given a Youth Risk Behavior Survey every year. Students are asked questions on various topics, such as: distracted driving, violence related behaviors, bullying, drug and alcohol use, suicide and healthy lifestyle behaviors. In 2012, a question was added to the survey about hunger. The results of that question indicated that 21.4% of high school and 20.3% of middle school students have gone hungry once or more in the past thirty days because there was not enough food in their home. (10/10/13)
  • Register Now For Make A Difference Day
    Marshfield Area United Way is now taking registrations for this year’s Make A Difference Day. On Saturday, October 26, 2013, volunteers will gather to rake lawns for Marshfield residents whom are unable to do so themselves. (09/25/13)
  • 2014 United Way Funding Applications Available October 1st
    Marshfield—Applications will be available as of October, 1, 2013, for 2014 United Way funding. The applications can be downloaded from Marshfield Area United Way’s website at (09/20/13)
  • ‘Get Connected’ With New Volunteer Website
    Marshfield, WI—Getting connected to local volunteer opportunities in the Marshfield area just got easier. Marshfield Area United Way is excited to announce a new volunteer website has been launched. The new website is very user-friendly and offers new features for agencies and organizations recruiting volunteers and for volunteers alike. (08/30/13)
  • 2013 Marshfield Area United Way Campaign Drive Chairs Announced
    Without the help of the many volunteers that assist Marshfield Area United Way throughout the year, United Way could not successfully execute the many initiatives, events, and strategies that help improve the quality of life in Marshfield and the surrounding area. From the volunteers that help with the annual backpack and school supply drive and events, such as, Make A Difference Day to the many individuals that serve on the numerous United Way committees, volunteers are the lifeline of this organization. (06/11/13)