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Our vision is to create lasting change and prevent problems from happening in the first place.  We will prepare children for success in school, give people the tools they need to become financially stable and improve the health and well being of all residents.

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Take a look your contributions at work to improve lives in the Marshfield area:

Big Brothers Big Sisters

John and Joey have been matched for a little over six years.  John has had a positive impact on Joey’s life and has taught him many life lessons. 

Joey says, “My mentor helped me to learn control, recognize when I am making the wrong choice, and how I can only fix it myself.  He took time to listen to me and he took great interest in what I had to say.”  He continues, “John also helped me to understand that I am the only one in charge of myself and that in life I only have two choices… to do or not to do.  There are not always rewards and incentives for the right choices but there are consequences for the bad choices.  He made me see the whole picture of myself.” 

The impact of the life lessons that John has taught Joey has and will continue to influence decisions made throughout Joey’s life.  This measureable impact of this program is focused on developing a strong sense of self, positive values, life skills and an overall healthy outlook on life. 

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Right To Play For All- R2P4A

I learned about Right 2 Play 4 All when one of the volunteers came in to explain how it might benefit low-income students who wanted to join the wrestling program.  Talk about perfect timing.  One of my promising wrestlers, Dan just told me he couldn’t go to the camp because his parents couldn’t afford the fees.  I knew his home life was a little rough and I was frustrated there was nothing I could do to help give him this positive outlet. 

I explained my concerns to the R2P4A volunteer and she gave Dan’s mom an application.  When Dan’s mom came to present me the scholarship check to pay for fees and transportation her eyes were overflowing with tears of happiness. 

Thanks to people who give to United Way, youth aren’t prevented from participating in the sports because their families are low-income or are facing financial hardships.  Students are able to play the sports they love—and receive structured time to learn and grow.

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Personal Development Center- PDC

After fleeing from an abusive relationship with just the clothes on my back, I felt lost and hopeless. I had nowhere to turn to and just when I thought things could not be any worse I was served with divorce papers and a court date. 

Unable to afford to hire an attorney, I appeared in court without any attorney representation. I was berated and belittled and left feeling like even less of a person.

Through the Personal Development Center, a United Way partner program, I was connected with an attorney who took on my case without a retainer fee. My attorney helped empower me and gave me a voice in the court room.

I was able to walk out of the next appointment with my head held high; knowing, I still have a long road ahead of me but will come through a stronger person due to the support system I have with the Personal Development Center.

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Marshfield Area Respite Care Center- MARCC

An eighty-one year old female has attended Marshfield Area Respite Care Center (MARCC) for six years. She has switched homes twice over those years. She also had social workers, case managers, and other staff in her life change. The only part of her life that has remained consistent was MARCC. 

She waits to go to daycare for socialization and her daughter enjoys knowing that she is included in activities that she cannot provide. This female loves daycare and everything we do. She states she hates the weekend and can’t wait for Monday.Her family is very pleased with the care and services she receives.


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