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A Message from this years Drive Chair Family, The Andersons

Almost invisible…The care giver who day in and day out gives all their attention to their loved one with no respite. The addict who’s homeless, but wants to get clean. The family that doesn’t have enough food to get through the week. A struggling student with nowhere to go after school.

In our day-to-day hustle and bustle, it’s easy for most of us to overlook the need that hides just below the surface. It’s easy because most of us, God willing, won’t ever have to worry about the insecurity that comes with any of these situations. But life isn’t always predictable.

When we think seriously about the scenarios above we realize that many of our friends, family and neighbors are just one emergency away from a bad situation. Unexpected events such as divorce, medical diagnosis, addiction, fire, and death can leave people in desperate need. United Way is there to help families get back on their feet and we can all be a part of that hope and healing!

We are so honored to be asked to be the United Way drive chairs for 2018-2019 and are excited to serve the Marshfield community in bringing awareness to the significant need in our community. We have been United Way supporters for many years but as chairs we have learned more about all the programs that United Way supports, and have been greatly moved by not only the needs of our community, but by the extensive support that United Way is able to provide to our friends, family and co-workers.

It can be overwhelming as an individual to try to help, but through the United Way we can all do more together. Together we can fund programs like the NOW program and Soup or Socks to make sure families have enough food on the table. Together we can make sure that care givers can take a break when caring for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s through the Marshfield Area Respite Care program. Together we can help the addicted seek healing and start a new life through Mary’s Place. All these programs do so much to make our community a healthier place and United Way is crucial to making sure these programs can fulfill their missions.

As drive chairs we want to help each of these programs answer their calling and we have goals…. BIG GOALS. There are still barriers to helping people get a hand up to a better life. We want to challenge each of you to think about these programs and those you will help with your donation pledge to Marshfield Area United Way this year. Together we can be a part of all the great things United Way does in Marshfield. Please be generous.

The Andersons