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Volunteer Reception Center


When horrific natural disasters occur often times people come from all over the country to offer their time and skills to help rebuild communities affected by the devastation. While the majority of the people come with good intentions, sometimes this is not the case. And while people come with diverse levels of skills and ability, there is sometimes confusion as to how and in what ways people can help. A Disaster Volunteer Reception Center screens and organizes volunteers during this time to keep communities safe and to maximize the productivity of the generous people offering to help these communities through the recovery and rebuilding process.

Volunteer Reception Centers (VRC) are a critical component to managing spontaneous volunteer workforce in emergency response and recovery. We need your help in having the ability to turn a crowd of spontaneous volunteers into an asset and a workforce, and avoiding the horror of it becoming a disaster within a disaster should an emergency situation arise in our community.

If you would like to be part of this group, please let us know by contacting  Training will be provided.