2020 Now is the Time to Live United | Letter to the Community

Dear Community Supporter,

Have you turned on the news lately?  Scrolled through Facebook?  Protests, police brutality, racial equality, global warming, presidential campaigns, social distancing, school safety, economic forecast, COVID responses, and the list goes on and on.  It can feel heavy, exhausting, and at times, even frustrating. 

Yes, we face difficult times, many would even say, unprecedented times.  However, if we all take a step back, take a look in our homes, take a look in our hearts, look for the generosity in our community, look for the compassion in each other, we believe that the good heavily outweighs the bad.  We believe that a majority of people care about their neighbor, we believe that a majority of people have more commonalities than they do differences.  Our family wants to shed light on all of the amazing acts of kindness and generosity that happen daily in our community.  We want to educate people on ways they can help the Marshfield area, as well as, ways to get help, if needed.

We were excited and humbled to be asked to be the 2020 United Way Drive Chair Family.  As High School Social Studies Teachers, we see the struggles (financially, emotionally, and/or physically) that students and families go through on a daily basis.  We are at the age where we have seen our parents struggle with what to do with our 90 year old grandparents regarding living on their own, getting help in their home, or looking into assisted living.  From young kids to elderly grandparents, the difficult decisions that some families have to make are daunting.  Many of us have family or friends that would help us if we were faced with a difficult decision, we are lucky.  Those that don’t have family or friends who are able to help, need the help of the United Way.  Our local United Way helps feed hungry kids, clothe disadvantaged students, care for the elderly, give shelter and counseling for abuse victims, and so much more.  These selfless acts of kindness and generosity are occurring daily right here in Marshfield and we need your help to keep lending that helping hand.

Now more than ever we need to come together to help our neighbors, children and families in need. We assure you, this experience has shown us that there is still much to be hopeful for and that the positives in our community still most certainly outweigh the negatives.  Please help share in the positivity by making a contribution to Marshfield Area United Way.   


Dan, Shauna, Jeron and Jace