A single mom from Marshfield contacted us needing help paying for childcare.  She had contacted us needing help paying for childcare, as she recently accepted a new job, but with that, came a pay raise an she no longer qualified for Wisconsin Shares at the moment.  GSG was able to help her keep current on her childcare bill, so that she could keep her employment and not fall farther behind on tuition and other bills.

When asked how GSG helped, this family responded: “More then they know, they have helped us in so many ways. Making sure that I have a place for me and my daughter to live and not be behind on bills. They have provided funding to a daycare of my choice that I put my trust in and know that my child is safe and thriving in. They have made it possible for me to maintain employment, school, and any of the treatment programs that I am in. And overall has made is possible for me as a single mom to be able to feel that it’s always possible to get things done on my own without falling behind. They have made it so I am not anymore in debt and honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better program for me and my family. Forever grateful!"

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