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Funded Partner Quarterly Progress Report

Quarterly Reports for 2017 funding are due on the following days of the year:

Quarter 1 Report:  July 10, 2017
Quarter 2 Report:  October 10, 2017
Quarter 3 Report:  January 10, 2018
Quarter 4 Report:  April 10, 2018

Programs receiving $4,999 or less will be required to submit reports Quarter 2 (October 10) and Quarter 4 (April 10) only.


As a reminder: Quarter 1 you will be reporting on services provided from April 1, 2017, until June 30, 2017; Quarter 2 you will be reporting on services provided from July 1, 2017, until Sept 30, 2017; Quarter 3 you will be reporting on services provided October 1, 2017, until December 31, 2017; Quarter 4 you will be reporting on services provided January 1, 2018, until March 31, 2018;
List the outcomes achieved from this program. Based on your original grant application, were these the outcomes you expected? Why or why not? PLEASE DO NOT LIST ACTIVITIES. Reports without measurable outcomes will be considered incomplete.
Success Story should be from the past quarter. Please keep in mind that stories may be used publicly in newsletters, annual report, etc.

Reporting Document for Individuals Served

Please download the corresponding document for the quarter you are reporting on, fill out the document and upload the file to the progress report. Please email Ashley with any questions on dowloading the form or how to fill out the form correctly.

Quarter 1 Document
Quarter 2 Document
Quarter 3 Document
Quarter 4 Document

Please upload your number served document here.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg pdf doc docx.