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Heckel House Redevelopment

In September 2019, the Heckel House located at 612 W. Blodgett was officially gifted to Marshfield Area United Way. The home was owned by the (Nancy) Heckel family. Nancy’s family fulfilled her wish in leaving a legacy by donating the family home to a community organization where it could benefit the Marshfield community and its residents for years to come.

Marshfield Area United Way will utilize the Heckel House for all office and programming space. For the past six years, United Way has been operating the NOW (Nutrition on Weekends) program, providing weekly supplemental food packs to hundreds of children facing food insecurities in their home. With the acquisition of the Heckel House, Marshfield Area United Way will be able to save thousands of dollars each year on overhead expenses, while still being able to fully operate all programs. Money saved will be able to be invested back into the community. 

Before United Way can move into the new space, renovations are needed to be compliant with commercial building regulations. Additional renovations are needed to make the space functional for our business operations for years to come. 

We are inviting anyone interested in donating a gift of $100 or more towards our 100 Nurturing Families Campaign. Many of our programs, including NOW (Nutrition on Weekends), would not be as successful as they are today without donors and volunteers like you. You or your family’s name will be recognized on a designated recognition plaque in the NOW Workspace. Please contact us at 715-384-9992 if interested. You can also mail a payment to Marshfield Area United Way | PO Box 771. Please include "Heckel House" in the memo and include a note on how you would like you or family recognized for our donor recognition wall. 

Many have asked us, what about taxes and deferred maintenance? As a non-profit, we are applying for tax exempt status. Any additional funds raised during this initial house redevelopment fundraising will be put into a separate fund specifically used for deferred maintenance.

Any donation given to the 2020 Annual Campaign will not be used on capital improvements/expenditures. It is important to note we will not be using any traditional campaign dollars for the house redevelopment. None of our partner programs will see a reduction in funding due to house expenses.
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Please select what payment option you prefer. If you choose cash or check, please drop off at the United Way office at 156 S Central Avenue or mail check to PO Box 771, Marshfield, WI 54449.