Home Delivered Meals Success Story


Since 2015, Home Delivered Meals has been able to help a remarkable individual with a humble home adorned with vibrant flowers and a radiant attitude. This person resided in a simple space, comprising a chair and a large outdoor garbage can in their kitchen, along with a solitary bird in a cage in their dining room. Despite their modest surroundings, they always maintained a cheerful disposition, offering kind words and an unforgettable smile.

In June 2021, they found it challenging to manage their home and relocated to a local apartment where they enjoyed engaging in conversations and the reassuring presence of a family member. Throughout the next two years, Home Delivered Meals continued to provide them with meals and they expressed ongoing gratitude. With a walker by their side, cooking became a challenge they no longer faced. For another two years, Home Delivered Meals bridged the gap until recently when they and their family made the decision to move to an assisted living facility. Home Delivered Meals in partnership with Marshfield Area United Way played a vital role in supporting their eight-year journey of independent living.