Planned Giving

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We know how much your community means to you. Since it was founded in 1946, Marshfield Area United Way has been a cornerstone that is uniquely in tune with health and human service needs in the Marshfield area. Working hand-in-hand with community volunteers and partner programs, we strive to build a future in which everyone in the Marshfield area has the opportunity to thrive. Utilizing an adaptive and responsive approach to community needs, you can rest assured that your donation is building a legacy that is a stronger Marshfield community.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is part of an overall financial or estate plan. Planned gifts can exist side-by-side with your other beneficiaries and can be a contribution of any size. Donors have the flexibility to leave a gift unrestricted, which is the most common type of gift we receive, or place guidelines on the use of the gift.

Examples of Planned Giftsh

· A Bequest is the easiest way to make a planned gift. You can leave a gift to charity by including a bequest in your will or trust.

· Charitable Gift Annuities or Charitable Remainder Trusts allow the donor to increase annual income for a specified period or for life and receive favorable tax treatment.

· Charitable Lead Trusts make small payments to United Way. After a specified period, the principal revers to the donor or other beneficiary. These trusts can offer estate and gift tax advantages.

· Gifts of new or existing life insurance policies can offer immediate and estate tax deductions.

· Gifts of cash or appreciated securities can offer immediate tax deductions, in addition to estate tax benefits.

Including Marshfield Area United Way in your financial or estate plan is simple. The first step is to create a will. You can use a private financial or legal advisor or utilize– for most people it takes just 20minutes to set up a basic will.

Please be sure to consult with financial or legal advisors before making a planned gift.