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Quarter 1 and 3 Progress Report

We have made some changes to this year’s quarterly reporting. There will be two versions of the quarterly progress report we will be utilizing for the 2018-19 funding year. The Quarter 1 (July 10) and the Quarter 3 (January10) reports are a scaled-back version of the progress report where we are only looking for you to report your number served, any volunteer hours completed during the past quarter, and a success story.
The quarter 2 and 4 report will be more like the previous year’s report where we will be asking about outcomes and fund utilization, along with the other requested information in the 1st and 3rd quarter report. 
Reports are due on the following days of the year:  Programs with annual allocations greater than $5,000 – July 10, October 10,  January 10 and April 10;   $5,000 and under – October 10, April 10 *ALLOCATION CHECKS WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED UNTIL REPORT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED.


Please call United Way with any questions at 715-384-9992.