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Quarter 2 and 4 Progress Report

This is the second version of the quarterly report for the 2018-19 funding cycle. You will use this report for Quarter 2 (October 10) and Quarter 4 (April 10) reporting.

Reports are due on the following days of the year:  Programs with annual allocations greater than $5,000 – July 10, October 10,  January 10 and April 10;   $5,000 and under – October 10, April 10 *ALLOCATION CHECKS WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED UNTIL REPORT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED.

Please call United Way with any questions at 715-384-9992.

United Way Funding Priority Area and Outcome your program meets (as indicated in your application):
List the progress toward outcomes achieved from this program. Based on your original grant application, were these the outcomes you expected? Why or why not? Please do not list activities. Reports without measurable outcomes will be considered incomplete
If you have any supporting documents for reporting on the progress of your outcomes, please upload them here.
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx xls xlsx.
How were funds received from United Way this half of the funding year utilized? How much United Way funding has been spent?
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png txt pdf doc docx xls xlsx.

Number Served - Please fill in the number of unduplicated or unique individuals you served during the past quarter.

Instructions:  Please indicate the number of unduplicated individuals you served (by community) during the quarter you are reporting on. Remember, individuals served more than once in a calendar are only to be counted once. The purpose of this report is to get an understanding of how many unique individuals were assisted by the service(s) you provided in a given year. Thank you!

Quarter 2 - Individuals served in July, August and September
Quarter 4 - Individuals served in January, February and March

If there is a community listed below where you did not serve any individuals from during the quarter, please enter 0.

As part of your requirement as a funded partner, your organization is responsible for providing a predetermined number of volunteer hours to United Way during the funding period; April 1, 2018 until March 31, 2018. This number was sent to you along with your partnership agreement. If you don't know how many hours are required of your organization, please contact United Way. Please list below the volunteer activities participated in during the past quarter you are submitting for approval. United Way will only reach out to you if the activity is not a qualifying event. Please provide the following information: name(s) of volunteer(s), affiliation to the organization, volunteer activity, number of hours volunteered.