Right 2 Play 4 All Sports Scholarship Application


Right 2 Play 4 All is a program of the Marshfield Area United Way and is committed to promoting a healthier and safer lifestyle for children in the Marshfield Area through the power of sports. The information provided in this application will be used to determine eligibility of child(ren) to receive scholarship(s) to pay for full or partial fees associated with local sports programs. Each application will be reviewed and considered on a case‐by‐case basis. Affordability for the family to continue to enroll the child in the activity/program will be taken into consideration. You will be contacted via email if your family is selected and the funds will be sent by United Way directly to the sports organization in which your son or daughter will be participating. Each child is eligible to receive up to $100 in scholarship funds per calendar year. Any requests beyond the $100 received within the same calendar year will be automatically denied due to the funds available. Completion of the program...Organizations have been instructed to notify United Way upon the circumstance a child who received scholarship funds did not complete the activity/program. Should the child not complete the program, the organization shall return the scholarship funds to United Way. 
Questions regarding applications can be directed to United Way at 715‐507-5005 or can be sent to r2p4amarshfield@gmail.com.
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