U4CW - Connection Ideas

Connection Ideas, Virtually


Here are some ideas from our United for Community Wellness Group members:

  1. Play games (such as Kahoot) via a family Zoom call
  2. Play games on phone or tablet back and forth with friends… example words with friends, euchre, etc.
  3. Challenge a family member to a activity challenge on a fitness watch like Apple Watch
  4. Family Facebook group –private for only your family members
  5. Start a group text with family/friends where you share a song that sparks a memory with a group.
    1. Everyone takes turns sharing a video (song) and the memory that goes with that song.
    2. It’s a fun way to share memories, connect, and listen to some old tunes you may not have heard in a while.
  6. Buy a stack of fun postcards. Once a week send one out to people you haven’t seen in a while or people you have seen. Everyone loves getting fun mail!
  7. Care packages- I have become the queen of care packages. I buy their favorite candy, fuzzy socks, good smelling soaps, etc. I also bake. I wrap everything individually so it’s like their birthday!
  8. I walk every day – and while I walk, I talk to a friend on the phone – while she is walking too.  So, we are walking together – but not in the same space.
  9. I have started a group email with some of my hometown friends.  We share regular updates – struggles and triumphs, but mostly just day to day happenings.
  10. My husband and two daughters (who are away at college) have a group text called “Team Green”.  We mostly use it to share funny and encouraging pictures, videos, or posts.  Of course, it is also helpful when we need to coordinate something.
  11. Video call and post messages in WhatsApp with Friends.
    1. Try Video Calling:  There are many free apps you can use, including Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Teams, Zoom, Facetime, and Google Hangout. This article(link is external) from the BBC has a step-by-step guide on how you can do it.
  12. Sent my mother a challenging jigsaw puzzle of a beautiful location she hopes to visit. Now, she takes images of her progress, and we discuss the trip she plans to take when it is safe to travel.
  13. Build something.  My 16-year-old son and I are building two 17 inch model racing boats over the winter together.  We plan to launch the model ships this next spring.  We’ll see who built the fastest vessel.