U4CW - Overwhelmed


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In searching for information on how to best help those that are overwhelmed, most of the articles are overwhelming to read – and really overwhelming to do all the activities suggested.
Here are some quick ideas to help feelings of being overwhelmed. 
What is most important to do?
What is most important to do NOW?
How can you make the task as basic and streamlined as possible?
What is the most effortless method?
Can you use a template or model (so you do not need to recreate every task)?
Can you use the same practice/structure for multiple tasks?
Know your feelings are valid! (These are unprecedented times.)
How do you care for yourself?
Are you sleeping, eating, hydrating, and going to the bathroom regularly?
Do you have some stress relieving strategies? Breathing? Moving? Distracting? Breaks?
Are you being kind to yourself and giving yourself some grace?
Action Step:  Take a short digital detox.  set aside time to disconnect from constant email alerts, news notification and interruptions.