U4CW - Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk

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How we talk to ourselves matters.  The narrative inside our brain influences our feelings and behaviors.  When we blame ourselves, when we focus on the negative aspects of a situation, when we expect the worst, when we see things as either good or bad – with no in between, and when we are just mean to ourselves and others in our head – we create negative emotions and irritable behavior.
When you frame your experiences with a more positive slant and optimistic outlook you can have significant health and mental health benefits.
  • Recognize your own negative self-talk.
  • Check in with your feelings
  • Consider ways to flip the negative thoughts to neutral or positive thoughts.
  • Try to look at the situation from a different perspective.
  • Find the humor in situations.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Practice giving yourself positive affirmations.
Developing a positive growth mindset is a process.  It takes practice – but it is worth it!