U4CW - Resiliency


  • Identify strengths and how you use them/how they are helpful for you
  • Promote positive problem solving and the idea that problems can be solved
  • Look to the past – when have you coped well? – write it down
  • Practice positive self- talk (I can handle this…)
  • Build positive routines and self-care
  • Identify and practice positive coping strategies to help you in difficult times
  • Acknowledge your achievements
  • Keep track of the good things in your life – consider a gratitude journal or list
  • Remember feelings change – bad feelings do not need to last
  • Accept responsibility for your actions and for changing your behavior if needed
  • Create positive relationships and connections
  • Keep things in perspective – how big is the problem? Is it only a part of your life?
  • Normalize set-backs – everyone has difficulties in life sometimes


Build Resiliency

Action Post:

Some time in the next week, make a list of your strengths.