U4CW - Stress Management

Stress Management

Intro Post:

In order to manage stress, we need to know what our triggers are, practice self-care, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!


Five things about staying mentally healthy

Action Post:

Don’t let stress take over your thoughts.

Remember it is okay to take a short break when needed… recharge, refocus, and reduce your stress.



Ten Ways to Managing Stress:

  1. Know your triggers and how they affect you.   What makes you stressed?
  2. Take care of your physical self – get enough sleep, stay hydrated, eat well.
  3. Build reliable supportive relationships.  Stay connected with your supports.
  4. Do some deep breathing to calm your physiological and emotional responses.
  5. Intentionally practice routine self-care skills.  
  6. Organize your time and build routine into your day – with flexibility.
  7. Take short breaks when needed to recharge, refocus, and reduce stress.
  8. Develop and practice positive coping skills to utilize during times of stress.
  9. Set boundaries and limits – know when to kindly say no.
  10. Ask for help – to solve a problem or to get support.

5 Things You Should Know About Stress